Curlformers On Fine Natural Hair Revisited

I tried Curlformers a while back when I was such a newbie with my newly natural and flat iron free hair. I did everything all the natural hair tutorials told me to do – slather on product, comb through, spray on styler, comb through, glob on some gel, co… – oh you get the picture. The turnout on my fine hair was an awful crunchy mess! It looked like I had stuck my wet finger in a socket and taken a picture.  Did I mention I pulled out a damn chunk of hair with the stupid hook? My results equaled an #epicfail!

Now that I’m all grown up and stuff (Happy Belated Birthday To Me), I just decided I must try the Curlformers again. I mean, who in their right mind buys a $70 product and lets it collect dust? I am not a candidate for that! #whatevs Here’s a quick look in pictures of how this process went the second time around. Y’all remember that song? #Shalamar


I sat under the steamer (comment below if you’d like a review) for a #homespa deep conditioning treatment for thirty minutes and rinsed my hair out. Then I cowashed, rinsed and stepped out of the shower.


While my hair was dripping wet, I applied my Kimmytube leave in conditioner all over my head.  Then I parted my hair in small sections, applied a more concentrated dose of the leavein and inserted the Curlformers. Luckily I have a pea sized head so there was no panic for not having enough rollers to finish the job.

I pondered letting my hair air dry but thought better of it remembering the (first) time like #MichaelJackson and decided to make use of my hooded dryer. Besides, it’s cold as h-e-double hockey sticks in Michigan right now and I’m so opposed to getting sick. So these are the results after an hour of drying and – can I just say it – #flawless!




I didn’t do anything special with the ringlets; in fact, they went straight into the smoothest bun eva! My hair just obediently conformed without a stray orphan – no gel, no brush! I think just using the leave in conditioner made all the difference in this set and so in the case of the Curlformers revisited, two’s a charm that allows three, four, five, etcetera to happen.

That’s my slice; speak your piece! Have you tried Curlformers? What were your results?

One thought on “Curlformers On Fine Natural Hair Revisited”

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