Dry Skin Brushing for A #Flawless Healthy Body

Do you ever look in the mirror and just tell yourself how beautiful you are? How much you love yourself? I’ve got a lot on my plate daily, but I do take the time to appreciate my hips, thighs, breasts and butt because I’m grateful to be a Queen! I don’t have a crew for hair, makeup and wardrobe baby so I’ve got to be on my real life game. Beyoncé wrote a song for every woman who wakes up: #flawless! I know The Creator made me perfectly, but that was a minute ago. There has got to be some preventative maintenance and tune ups!

Something I’ve incorporated into my daily routine is dry skin brushing. I first found out about dry skin brushing a few years ago through working with cancer patients. They may experience fluid buildup in their lymph nodes leading to arm or leg swelling, known as lymph edema. Skin brushing is recommended to help improve circulation and assist in draining the fluid from the lymphatic system.

I personally started skin brushing for one reason: to see if it would help with painful Aunt Flow cramps! I’d read somewhere that the intensity of pain from menstrual cramps was affected by the amount of waste in the blood stream from eating everything that I love – fried foods, salty snacks, milk chocolate and so on. Anything that was going to help me ease through that cycle was well worth a try!


Dry skin brushing is really easy and very self explanatory. You take a body brush and gently but firmly brush your skin with an upward stroke. I start at the bottoms of my feet and work my way up to my chin. The whole process may take between seven and fifteen minutes unless I’m just being a selfish #diva; then I take twenty!There’s no sweat or gooey creams to apply to your body so you don’t have to wear old sweats and oversized shirts. Just brush, jump in the shower (or not) and go on about your day. I use a natural stiff bristle brush purchased from Target, but I’m pretty sure a loofah or hand mitt will do the same trick.

I didn’t notice an immediate ease of discomfort during the first few months of this practice, but I did notice I was more regular in the bathroom. Eventually, the pain and length of my menstrual period eased up from a five to seven day duration down to three to five days total. #yyaaaeesss I also saw some improvement in the “chicken wing” part of my arms, my stomach and the cellulite carrying back of my thighs. I even dropped a few inches and was able to fit in some hoochie momma jeans I tried on for kicks! #canttellmenuffin Now I’m not saying that I’ll be sporting an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini any time soon, but I’ve seen some tightening up that I’m geeked about!

Upon further research, I’ve read that dry skin brushing is great because of the following:

  • Helps cells regenerate
    Stimulates the nervous system
    Helps the body eliminate toxins faster
    Smoothes skin texture
    Firms sagging skin
    Stimulates muscles
    Relieves tension, aches and pains
    Improves blood circulation
    Reduces cellulite

So my face may not be beat and the gym might be calling screaming my name but my skin and internals are all good. I think I’ll do a few squats now just for fun. Didn’t Drake say I’m the prettiest when I’ve got on my sweats and no makeup? I didn’t take it wrong, boo! I gotcho message! #allaboutme

This is my slice; speak your piece? Do you think you could benefit from skin brushing?

2 thoughts on “Dry Skin Brushing for A #Flawless Healthy Body”

  1. I think I am going to have to try this Nappynatural! I have a few things I need to pick up from the store tomorrow (hopefully some Shea or Cocoa butter) and now a brush and sponge for my “At Home Spa Day”! Thank You for sharing :)

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